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the proposal of the street theatre of “COMPAGNIA TEATRO SCALZO” fit roperly to different kind of festivals and shows.

they take part to various street theatre festivals, to National and International circus festivals and to International music festivals.

'famiglia saltimbanchi' street artists parade, stilters parade, jugglers,…take part from little event to main festivals.


'gli invasati' they took part to the main International festivals all over Europe and to relevant opening events.

(officially invited at Venice Carnival for 2009 and 2010 seasons)

the fire shows, are played at Ethnic festivals, and at white night all over Europe.

'chichì e cocò' they are taking part at all National and European festivals (Venice Carnival 2010 edition).

'circo vegetariano' parade, they have took part to various European festivals.



the numerous musical groups take part to the main European festivals

(the won the “Jury award” from Barcelona city festival 2005 edition)



the COMPAGNIA TEATRO SCALZO uses different type of streets and circus artists

the proposal of “FAMIGLIA SALTIMBANCHI” is composed by single artists or parade or groups of artists

the artists type are:
stilters parade * eaters * bootstraps * jugglers * juggling with fire *

acrobats * monocyclists * tightrope walkers (soft rope) * animated statues

* caricaturists * balloons sculptures * children face painting * animators *

clownery * comedy cagic * creators of soap bubbles *


artisti di strada




the most beautiful of ornamentals plants in their own pots are ready to entertain and surprise the unsuspecting public.

from internal of the pots, skilled Mimi will be able to create comics and grotesque atmospheres.

the show took part officially at Venice Carnival for 2009 and 2010 seasons.

the number of artists used in the shows goes from 1 to 6.





large stilters Hens walk on soft stilts

the CHICHI’ and COCO’ show has been proposed for the 2010 edition of Venice Carnival opening
(2 artists)





upon a traveling carillon notes, an eccentric and elegant stilters parade will create a dreaming surrounding atmospheres
(8 artists)

parata barocco



traveling parade did by “Famiglia Cotechino”, 'Chichì e Cocò', the circus director and the 'Vegetable Bands'.

the artists will involve the public with fun, music, colour and comic gags (9 artists), using wonderful and beautiful costumes representing animals and vegetables.


parata trampolieri













“CIRCO MALANDRINO” theatrical show

passionate and captivating show with musicians clowns that will propose an uninterrupted serious of clown gags, acrobatics, juggling and comedy magic (8 artists)


spettacoli circo








show including circus elements as juggling, clownery and acrobatic.

the show interacts with people and includes 3 artists.


“SOAP OPERA” balloons soap show

giant bubbles, thousand of small bubbles, tunnel of bubbles, bubbles in bubbles, bubbles to break, bubble to admire, bubbles to listen, bubble to laugh…

“SOAP OPERA PARADE” travelling parade of balloons soap

thousand of different bubbles: giant bubbles, thousand of small bubbles, smoking bubbles.

during the defined breaks there will be presented the most difficult bubbles creation.

the parade includes a music "handcart"

Circus School

mini circus course that includes: juggling with little balls, claves, circles, bolas and stilts, acrobatics and unicycle
(2 artists)

scuola di circo




gags and travelling acrobatics on stilts

there are the football version or the elegant version

(4 artists)


parata trampolieri







"ALMA DE FUEGO" in 'danza delle streghe'

fire, swards and glass dance show (2 artists)

danza col fuoco







the show foresee sequences of skilled juggling numbers, acrobatics, stilters, hot chains, sticks, fire dancing, eaters, fakirs under  middle age atmospheres

spettacoli col fuoco




traveling parade with dance, stilts and fire juggling

the parade includes a music "handcart"

(7 artists)


spettacoli col fuoco




the show FIRE in addition with live / travelling /permanent afro-percussions

(7 artists)

spettacolo col fuoco


‘LE MALE DONNE’ spells of fire, confessions and magical flights.

this is a narrative for women, were the women considerate researchers, scholars, dancers, healing, are considerate witches and are presented with dance at the stake, with special effects (smoke, fire and thousand sparking), stilters scene, fire juggling, description of magic herbs….
(6 artists)

spettacoli col fuoco




permanent show with fire, masks and pyrotechnics

(7 artists)

spettacolo col fuoco




dance show, juggling with middle age theme and with live soundtrack (vocalist team)
(8 artists)

spettacolo col fuoco

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